About Us


Why we exist


was created in 2006 in Marion, Iowa by a group of civic leaders concerned about the location of an expanded county landfill in their community. Instead of re-acting by fighting the expansion, alternatives needed to be sought out and positively presented.  As the debate progressed it became apparent that alternatives to landfilling were indeed available. Information was gathered and a need for educating the public on landfill hazards and alternatives was realized.


What we are about


wastenotIOWA is an organization of citizens dedicated to making IOWA and other states landfill-free zones To accomplish that we will:
1. INFORM the public of the environmental hazards created by burying waste.
2. PROMOTE waste conversion technologies including advanced recycling, gasification, and plasma arc systems.
3. EXPAND recognition of waste to energy technology by recovering stored energy from waste as a renewable resource.
4. EDUCATE the public and decision makers alike about state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly, and effective waste handling alternatives to landfills.
5. INCREASE the number of Americans committed to waste-to-energy ACTION!  


Who we are

 Board Members
Brent Harstad, Vice President
Dr. Victor L. Klopfenstein, Treasurer
Don Leonhart, Secretary
Erik S. Miles, President
Edwin M. Mulholland
Dennis Naughton
Dow Prouty
Allan Thoms 

In memorium, John Vernon